Harness the Unrivalled Efficiency, Frequency, Temperature and Voltage Capabilities of Silicon Carbide Power Modules

Take advantage of silicon carbide’s unparalleled efficiency, frequency, temperature and voltage capabilities with ACEPACK DRIVE modules designed specifically to take advantage of low RDS(on) and limited switching losses to provide higher power density, smaller footprint and reduced cooling needs in HEV/EV traction inverters.

However, SiC’s mechanical properties can impede its power cycling capabilities when exposed to repeated stress applications. This is especially evident at solder joints between chip and substrate where repeated stresses degrade the material and shorten device lifespans.


SEMITOP E1/E2 is a complete power module solution built upon cutting-edge chip technologies that allows designers to achieve optimal levels of performance in their designs. Ideally suited for low and medium power range applications up to 70kW, its compact yet low inductance designs and chip technologies make this module platform ideal for UPSs, solar (including up to 1500VDC bus for string inverter solutions), motor drives/power supplies as well as emerging EV battery charger markets.

GaN HEMT technology stands out as an impressive alternative to more conventional technologies in terms of efficiency and reliability, boasting significantly improved energy conversion efficiency, better EMI attenuation, higher switching frequency, reduced hysteresis as well as decreased switching losses that enhance power density.

SEMITOP E1 and E2 IGBT 7 generation power modules were the first IGBTs designed specifically to address conventional drive topologies such as CIB, sixpack and halfbridge drives. Their compact size, flexible architecture and full compatibility with industry standard packages make these an outstanding value proposition with respect to cost and performance. Their platform comprises 12-mm height modules without baseplate featuring two lateral mounting screws coupled with solder-free pin grid philosophy for easier PCB connection; additionally their combination of GaN HEMT power switch combined with high performance IGBT ensures supply chain safety for applications needing high performance at competitive cost.


SiC semiconductors boast three times more thermal conductivity than silicon, providing much lower switching losses and greater power density with smaller form factors and cooler power converters for quieter, energy-efficient industrial motor drives, medical equipment, aerospace systems and traction drive systems.

The HM platform features a comprehensive selection of 62mm modules suitable for hard-switching topologies like LLC and ZVS, featuring intelligent gate drivers based on CISSOID HADES2 chipset to take full advantage of SiC technology’s low switching losses and high temperature operation up to 175degC.

ROHM offers high-performance SiC power solutions using industry standard housings with advanced packaging technologies, featuring low module commutation inductance necessary for higher switching frequencies and reduced magnetic filter components, thus leading to efficient power conversion and reduced total system costs.

HM series modules feature a high RDS(on) temperature coefficient to minimize power loss, making them suitable for applications requiring high reliability such as automotive and industrial inverters. Their durability also makes them well suited to hybrid vehicle use since they can handle more current than silicon-based devices while operating at higher temperatures reducing overall size and weight of inverters.


ACEPACK DRIVE power modules from ST utilize cutting-edge second and third generation SiC Power MOSFETs in a compact sixpack topology designed specifically for high efficiency electric vehicle traction inverters. Utilizing direct bonded copper (DBC) packaging made from aluminum nitride provides greater thermal conductivity. A symmetrical pinout between high and low side switches eliminates assembly errors with its poka-yoke system featuring X and Y pins to ensure proper alignment with driving boards.

Powered by third-generation STPOWER SiC Power MOSFETs, ACEPACK DRIVE modules achieve industry-leading figures of merit based on RDS(on) per die area and limited switching losses. Furthermore, they boast superior performance when operating in synchronous-rectification mode, helping reduce charging cycles while expanding EV mileage range.

These modules utilize sintering technology for a reliable package that’s easy for manufacturers to integrate in electric vehicle drives. Available with various power ratings to meet operating voltage needs for inverters. 1200V ADP280120W3, ADP360120W3 and ADP480120W3 batteries are now in full production, while the 750V versions (ADP46075W3 and ADP61075W3) should become available by March 2023. These modules offer an easy plug-and-play solution for electric vehicle traction inverters compatible with direct liquid cooling, with pin fin arrays for efficient heat dissipation. A 3D time-dependent thermal Finite Element Model (FEM) was created to simulate their thermal behavior, validated against experimental data by taking into account temperature-dependent thermal conductivity of solder layers and validated as accurate.

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