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Advantages of Using a Silicon Carbide Diode in Power Electronics

Silicon carbide (formerly Carborundum) has become increasingly important for use in power electronics applications, particularly with Schottky barrier diodes. SiC Schottky diodes consist of a metal-semiconductor junction where only electrons flow, rather than holes as in traditional PN junction diodes. These devices feature rapid recovery times that enable smaller magnetic and passive components to be …

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Silicon Carbide Power Modules

Silicon Carbide (SiC) power modules offer revolutionary new solutions for power applications, offering greater system efficiency in terms of system size, weight and form factor. Their higher operating temperatures, faster switching frequencies and smaller magnetics reduce system costs significantly. Vincotech addresses this challenge with advanced die-attach technology to mitigate SiC’s mechanical properties that decrease its …

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Silicon Carbide Sanding Discs

Silicon carbide sanding discs offer fine finishes on woodworking projects thanks to their durable yet effective abrasive properties, with minimal grit degradation over time compared to aluminum oxide sandpapers. Selecting an abrasive for your task depends on its requirements and material properties, which include price-efficiency, versatility and aggressive cutting power – qualities silicon carbide sandpaper …

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Is Silicon Carbide a Ceramic?

Silicon carbide, more commonly referred to as carborundum, offers superior heat resistance and maintains high mechanical strength at temperatures reaching 1400degC. Furthermore, its extreme hardness, fatigue resistance and chemical stability in aggressive environments are hallmarks of excellence for any material. SiC was first synthesized artificially in 1891 by Edward Acheson when he discovered small black …

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Coherent Closes $1 Billion Investment in Silicon Carbide Substrates

Coherent has announced that Japan-based DENSO and Mitsubishi Electric will jointly invest $1 billion into its SiC substrate business, creating a subsidiary offering 150 mm and 200 mm SiC substrates as well as epitaxial wafers. SiC is an attractive material for power semiconductors as it can reduce power loss while operating at higher temperatures than …

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What Is Silicon Carbide?

Silicon carbide, more commonly referred to as Carborundum, is an extremely hard chemical compound with properties of both metal and insulator at different temperatures. Used in industrial applications requiring long lasting applications. Green SiC is an extremely hard and corrosion resistant ceramic material first synthesized by Edward Acheson in 1891 through the combined heating of …

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Silicon Carbide Abrasive

Silicon carbide, more commonly referred to as corundum, is an extremely hard abrasive material used for grinding and polishing metal specimens. SBM is more cost-effective than diamond and cubic boron nitride, yet maintains higher strength at elevated temperatures than many ceramic materials. Available in various grit sizes from coarse to fine, making it suitable for …

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Silicon Carbide Diamond

Silicon carbide diamond is an exceptional material with exceptional wear resistance that is particularly appealing for applications involving wear resistance. Production can take place without pressure by infiltrating porous carbon bonded diamond preforms with liquid silicon. The infiltration process results in the formation of a dense graphitic layer at the diamond/silicon interface that offers exceptional …

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