Glock Silicon Carbide Grip

Glock Silicon Carbide grips have long been favored among competition shooters and gunsmiths for their durability, increasing gripping friction where your hands come into contact with the frame while looking great! These durable coatings feature an aesthetic appearance, too!

Silicone carbide provides the ideal surface texture for gripping surfaces like skateboard tape and pro grip, but no other alternative comes close.

1. Improved Grip Texture

Glock frames feature a smooth surface without much grip texture, leaving many gun enthusiasts searching for ways to improve the grip texture. While solutions such as talon grips, stippling and grip tape may provide improved texture; all tend to peel or create uneven textures that cannot withstand competition shooting stress levels. Silicon carbide grips offer the solution and should be considered when purchasing pistols that will be used competitively.

With our 2 part epoxy service, we will apply silicon carbide granules in various aggressiveness levels over the epoxy, then buff down until we create a uniform texture with sharp borders. This service can be performed on either polymer or metal frames and even beavertail areas if desired.

This textured surface will increase skin-to-grip friction between your strong and support hand, an essential principle in competition shooting that can make all the difference between winning and losing. It makes an excellent upgrade for stippled frames or any other method used to increase grip texture.

2. Durability

Many people stipple their firearms to give them a more grippable feel, which works but can easily wear off from shooting and handling a firearm. Silicon carbide treatments offer greater durability in this regard and can withstand heavy use even under tactical situations where sweaty hands may get wet during use.

Process for making silicon carbide rifle parts is relatively straightforward and straightforward for gunsmiths to do themselves, with only minor messiness involved in the process. You will require something like isopropyl alcohol to clean up afterward as well as steel wool or diamond pad to rough up surface before applying silicon carbide coating.

Silicon carbide grip jobs are highly durable modifications that should last the lifetime of your pistol. They make an excellent addition for use in competition or concealed carry situations.

If you’re thinking about giving your Glock a silicon carbide grip, contact Brekke Custom today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and can offer high quality work at an affordable price. When done properly, the silicon carbide texture provides comfort and durability – plus our two options of 120 and 60 grit silicon carbide textures provide options to meet different requirements; 120 is black-colored similar to 120-grit sandpaper while 60 grit options may be more suitable for concealed carry but they’re both great options for competition use!

3. Improved Grip Feel

Silicon carbide grips offer shooters unparalleled levels of comfort and control when used correctly, providing unparalleled levels of gripping force without peeling off or wearing off like other grip types such as talon grips or grip tape do. And they look fantastic too!

This service employs a high-performance two-part epoxy and bonds granules of silicon carbide in your preferred grit to the epoxy surface, creating an appealing look while creating a sharp border between grip area and frame. You may opt to keep the beavertail open so plugs may be added later as required (available on an individual case basis).

Beavertails are hollow spaces designed to aid larger hands in gripping their pistol more securely. Left unfinished, they may become dead-air areas that make gripping difficult for smaller hands; by providing texture on them instead, more gripping surface is provided while eliminating extra dead air space.

Optional upgrades available to you include single and double undercutting to reduce grip size, making the support hand easier to rest, preventing Glock knuckle pinch, and making your gun slimmer and less bulky; this option is popular among competition guns.

4. Easier to Clean

Glock silicon carbide coating is an extremely durable substance that doesn’t require special chemicals to maintain. Most often, you can wipe it off using damp cloth – an enormous benefit over grip stippling which requires additional specialized products for maintenance.

Glock silicon carbide coating also makes it much simpler to keep your hand on the gun during shooting – something which competitive shooters must be able to do as consistently as possible in order to be competitive shooters.

Silicon carbide grip enhancements are arguably the most reliable and cost-effective ways to enhance the gripping surface of a pistol, outstripping other methods like grip stippling or grit tape in terms of increasing skin-hand friction.

71 Creative offers a selection of upgrades designed to enhance the shooting experience for its customers, such as:

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