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Silicon Carbide Definition

Silicon carbide (SiC) is an ultra-hard non-oxide ceramic with distinct properties and applications, first discovered in 1891 by American inventor Edward G. Acheson while trying to produce artificial diamonds. SiC is typically an insulator in its pure state but can exhibit semi-conductivity through controlled doping. A wide bandgap material like SiC can move electrical energy …

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Silicon Carbide Formula

Silicon carbide (also referred to as silicon carbonitride or SiC) is a green to bluish black crystalline compound composed of silicon and carbon found naturally as moissanite gem but since 1891 has also been produced synthetically for use as an abrasive in grinding wheels and cutting tools. Quartz is an extremely hard material with a …

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Silicon Carbide Grip

Grip stippling and grip tape both have their place, but over time they become less effective at providing maximum comfort or gripping surface. Silicon carbide provides a reliable and lasting solution to this problem when applied correctly. Black Silicon Carbide (commonly referred to as carborundum) is a hard, angular abrasive material with unique properties: over …

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Silicon Carbide Ceramic

Silicon carbide (also referred to as carborundum) is an inorganic chemical compound found naturally only in very limited quantities as moissanite but has been mass produced as powder and crystal since 1893 as an abrasive. It boasts excellent corrosion and wear resistance as well as low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent chemical stability, making it …

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Silicon Carbide Sandpaper

Silicon carbide sandpaper is an exceptionally long-wearing abrasive that’s designed for use in sanding painted materials and automotive bodywork. Its heat resistance prevents thermal degradation during demanding sanding operations, helping reduce clogging while prolonging its lifespan. This product comes with various grit sizes to meet a range of projects, from delicate veneer sanding to dense …

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Silicon Carbide Stone

Silicon carbide stones are popularly used to sharpen hard stainless steel knives quickly and aggressively due to their faster sharpening time and more durable grit that doesn’t dish easily. High carbon steels will generally not pose any problems for most stone types, including natural Arkansas stones and aluminum oxide stones; however, some steels require more …

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LO-MASS Kiln Furniture Components Leverage the Superior Mechanical Properties of Silicon Carbide

LO-MASS kiln furniture components take full advantage of silicon carbide’s exceptional properties to offer long-term refractory solutions that outlive conventional materials. Their exceptional strength, durability, and lightweight nature allows for shorter heating/cooling cycles which reduce energy usage while increasing overall kiln efficiency. Advancer shelves are nitride bonded and designed for use in soda, gas reduction, …

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