Silicon Carbide Paper Elevates Craftsmanship

Silicon carbide paper elevates your craft to new heights – whether delicately sanding veneers or dense hardwoods – as an unparalleled abrasive that guarantees to give any project its perfect finish.

Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Powder provides an economical, lightweight alternative for various applications. With open coat, glue bonded construction and its lightweight structure, it is simple and straightforward for anyone to use.


Silicon carbide abrasive stands out from aluminum oxide papers by remaining sharp and effective even when used on rough surfaces, making it perfect for smoothing, polishing, or sanding between coats of paint or varnish.

Waterproof sandpaper conforms to various shapes and contours, making it possible to reach hard-to-reach areas for sanding. Furthermore, its flexibility also enables achieving an accurate finish when sharpening tools with coarser grits.

Hermes waterproof sandpaper features the highest-grade silicon carbide resin-bonded abrasives on lightweight paper for load resistance and lubrication, perfect for decorative finishing on metals, wood and other finishes. Ideal for hand sanding applications as well as being easily cut using paper pad blocks or fitted to inline or finishing sanders for faster sanding sessions.


Silicon carbide is one of the hardest common abrasive materials. Ranking 9 on Mohs scale of hardness, only diamond and boron nitride surpass it as an ideal material for sanding and polishing metal, glass, stone and paint surfaces.

Metallographic sandpaper with silicon carbide provides consistent abrasiveness, with evenly dispersed particles spread evenly over its paper backing for precise results and repeatable steps in sample preparation resulting in smooth surfaces with polished surfaces. Grit range allows metallographers to perform progressive steps for sample prep that produce polished surfaces over time.

Hermes Watertight silicone carbide resin-bonded sandpaper comes in eight grits from 160-2500g for hand finishing or between coats of varnish/paint application – perfect for hand finishing or between applications of varnishes/paint. Plus it won’t curl up like traditional abrasive paper!


Black silicon carbide sandpaper outshines aluminum oxide abrasives by being more resistant to wear-and-tear, lasting longer, cutting glass, plastic, medium-density fiberboard with light pressure as well as cutting bare metal or wood with ease.

Sandpaper comes in various grit sizes to indicate its coarseness or fineness of particles, providing you with a variety of finishes when working with different materials. With different grit sizes you can achieve different finishes while working more efficiently than ever.

Dependent upon your project needs, you have a variety of wet and dry sandpaper options to select. Wet sandpaper uses water or lubricant as a lubricant to reduce friction and build-up of heat while dry sandpaper does not require moisture for use. Choose adhesive-backed sheets, hook and loop hook-and-loop hook and loop attachments or plain sheets when attaching the sandpaper to a block or tool.


Craftspeople recognize abrasive paper as an invaluable asset in raising projects to new levels. From sanding down wooden furniture to priming surfaces for painting, silicon carbide abrasives provide professional results across a range of applications; be they wood, metal or glass materials.

Silicon carbide sandpaper offers cost-efficient results with consistent and longer lifespan than other abrasives, including even distribution of its grains across its paper backing for smooth and uniform abrasion process. A range of coarse to fine grit sizes is also available to meet different surface finishing needs and achieve the desired surface finish.

Mercer’s 9″ x 11″ Waterproof Sandpaper Sheets feature high quality Silicon Carbide Grains resin on latex-backed paper for wet or dry sanding with water or lubricant. These versatile abrasive sheets offer high performance every time!


Silicon carbide paper represents the epitome of crafting excellence, offering a smooth finish on materials including wood, metal and composites. From rough sanding to delicate polishing, it makes an excellent abrasive solution for projects requiring precision and perfection.

Due to its superior hardness, this material is an ideal choice for metallography where samples must be undamaged and free from surface contamination. Furthermore, its superior hardness allows it to be used for general sanding and finishing to prepare surfaces for staining or painting.

Hermes waterproof silicon carbide resin-bonded paper is specifically engineered to resist loading, making it suitable for finer sanding in between coats of varnish/paint. The light A-weight backing conforms easily to contours and tight spaces making it suitable for use with either hand pad blocks or inline sanders for fast material removal without heat build-up. Aluminum oxide provides quick yet efficient material removal without producing heat emissions.

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