Silicon Carbide Grip

Silicon carbide grips offer the ideal surface for comfortable and secure frame surfaces, offering many advantages over more common alternatives like stippling or skateboard tape modifications.

Black SiC, commonly referred to as carborundum, is an extremely hard blocky angular abrasive material with multiple applications similar to rock tumbling. As it breaks down over time, adding new sharp edges while simultaneously producing particles of various sizes that provide unparalleled cleaning/polishing efficiency.

Adding Friction to Your Grip

Increased hand and grip friction are one of the best ways to enhance shooting ability, whether for competition or personal improvement. There are various approaches you can take – from stippling the frame to using skateboard tape with grip – but for long-term solutions it may be beneficial to apply a silicon carbide grip treatment.

Black silicon carbide (commonly referred to as Carborundum) is an extremely versatile hard, angular abrasive that’s extremely hard-wearing. With blocky and angular grains enabling short blast times and its sharp edges cutting materials easily. Furthermore, Carborundum’s unique properties enable repeated use in applications like rock tumbling – though over time its effectiveness decreases due to age but adding fresh media creates an efficient cleaning/polishing solution with various particle sizes working in concert for very efficient cleaning/polishing solutions compared with garnet and Aluminum Oxide but softer than diamonds!

Increased Control

Grip stippling can be an excellent way to improve your pistol grip, making it user-friendly for newcomers while providing enough friction to help control it more easily.

Silicon carbide may offer more durability and provide more of a gripping surface, making it suitable for polymer as well as metal frames. Applying silicon carbide is straightforward and provides more gripping surface than stippling alone.

Silicon Carbide Texture in black offers an aggressive grip similar to 120 grit sandpaper for maximum three gun competition. Perfect for tactical applications as well as skateboard style grip panels – and can even add more traction on other pistol frames like stocks!


Stippling may look beautiful, but its texture can cause it to stick to clothing during competition and be an obstacle when sweating occurs. Silicon carbide offers the solution.

Silicon carbide, commonly referred to as carborundum (/krbrdm/), is a hard chemical compound consisting of silicon and carbon. Naturally occurring as moissanite gemstone, but also manufactured synthetically for semiconductor electronics applications and use as an abrasive.

Grip stippling can be accomplished using various materials, but silicon carbide is by far the most durable choice. Our process includes applying high performance two part epoxy to your frame before pouring silicon carbide grit of your choosing onto it – permanently bonding it to it for lasting beauty! This can be applied across your whole bike frame or just specific areas such as beavertails; our finished textured grip will have an aesthetic edge around its borders for enhanced aesthetics.

Easy to Apply

Silicon carbide grip materials offer skateboarders numerous advantages and drawbacks, but one material stands out as being particularly durable and cost-effective for all skill levels: silicon carbide is known for its unmatched durability and grip properties and therefore makes an excellent budget pick.

Silicon carbide’s hardness makes it an ideal material for use in sandblasting and rock tumbling applications, including sandblasting and rock tumbler. Particle sizes come in various forms while its blocky shape enables faster blast times than soft medias.

Another effective mod to add friction is to stipple the grip panels of your pistol. While this method works effectively, it isn’t a permanent solution and may wear away over time in hot or wet climates. Talon Grips offer an innovative solution by applying high-performance epoxy before applying silicon carbide powder in various grit sizes over the entire frame for a more consistent grippy texture that looks much better than stippling alone.

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