Silicon Carbide Discs

Silicon carbide (SiC) discs are ideal for sanding glass edges and natural stone surfaces, featuring heavy Y weight water proof cloth backings with non-loading stearate particles.

Hook and loop-backed discs feature a hole pattern to perfectly complement the pad on your power sander, with an anti-clog non-loading stearate to help avoid clogging issues as well as superior grain adhesion properties due to being fully resin bonded.

1. Hardness

Silicon carbide is an exceptionally hard material, ranking 9 on Mohs’ scale of hardness. It outshines even diamond and boron nitride in terms of hardness. Silicon carbide can be found used as an abrasive in grinding wheels and cutting tools as well as being applied in industries that demand strong materials like automobile parts, electronics devices and jet engine components.

Stable performance at high temperatures makes this material suitable for furnaces and petrochemical plants, while its corrosion-resistance helps it withstand various chemical attacks from alkalis to acids.

Silicon carbide’s exceptional hardness stems from its structure: comprising of carbon-silicate crystal lattices held together by strong covalent bonds, silicon carbide is exceptionally tough, strong, resistant to oxidation in dry environments and machineable; yet less so than other metals.

Silicon Carbide Discs are often coated with an abrasive to reduce friction generated when cutting, prolonging their longevity and producing smoother finishes than uncoated discs. Abrasive coatings may either be electrostatically applied or sputter coated depending on your application; electrostatically coated discs offer much higher levels of stock removal compared to their sputter coated counterparts making them better suited for cutting applications rather than finishing tasks.

Silicon Carbide discs boast high hardness while remaining relatively lightweight in comparison with other industrial abrasives, enabling greater productivity without compromising safety or durability. They come in various sizes and grits for ease of use when eliminating glaze drips or smoothing warped pots.

Silicon carbide was once an economical and durable choice for glass fabrication, as it worked well under wet conditions. Unfortunately, studies have linked carborundum abrasives with fibrotic lung disease – likely caused by both physical abrasion as well as tobacco smoke and hydrocarbon exposure.

2. Durability

Silicon carbide’s impressive durability makes it the go-to material for heavy-duty sanding and grinding applications, from industrial production lines to heavy duty sandblasting applications. Renowned for its heat resistance and high tensile strength, silicon carbide offers exceptional long-term reliability for industrial use applications that rely heavily on long-term reliability. Furthermore, this material’s versatility means it can be applied across various materials including metals to masonry.

United Abrasives’ 34615 Heavy Duty Hook & Loop Specialty Paper Disc is an exceptional abrasive tool, ideal for heavy-duty jobs that require significant material removal. This disc boasts a 6″ diameter with 120 grit rating for coarse but effective sanding action, made of premium C-E/C-F silicon carbide which offers exceptional hardness and longevity, so that it can withstand even extreme conditions over extended use.

This high-grade abrasive is available in an assortment of sizes and grits to meet a range of applications. Compatible with standard sanding machines – right angle grinders included – this material stands up well against heat, glazing and pressure; making it the ideal choice for sanding glass, stone, masonry mediums as well as nonmetallic surfaces like fiberglass and plastic.

These abrasive discs feature heavy-duty fiber backing and a resin-bonded layer of premium silicon carbide grains, providing them with enough resilience to withstand high levels of pressure while providing a smooth finish. Their durable construction makes these discs suitable for ship building and masonry industries that require heavy-duty grinding, sanding and finishing tasks.

No matter if it’s coating removal like mastics, urethanes, or epoxy from concrete, or painting and plaster removal from metal surfaces like this semi-flex disc is suitable. With its sharp abrasive that easily penetrates coatings while its fiber backing helps grind off paint or plaster from surfaces like metal; designed with cooling ridges for reduced loading these discs are sure to get your task completed quickly and efficiently.

Although silicon carbide is a hard, durable material, it still can become worn-down over time and require replacing more frequently than regular sanding discs. Furthermore, debris build-up may reduce effectiveness.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility refers to your ability to move all joints through their full range of motion. Achieving flexibility helps make daily tasks simpler while protecting against injuries due to overuse or sudden movements. Flexibility also plays an essential part in good posture and joint health.

Silicon carbide discs from Our silicon carbide discs are extremely durable and versatile enough to meet a range of applications from masonry, concrete prep work (grinding and sanding floors and walls) and metal fabrication. Their open structured cloth backing enables dust extraction for increased disc life while our selection includes various sizes and coarse grit options to meet any application need.

Finer grit silicon carbide discs can be used to sand glass, fiberglass, urethane and marble and stone surfaces with excellent results. These discs can be used wet or dry and are suitable for both rotary or automatic floor machines; their fine aluminum oxide grain produces finer scratch patterns than conventional coarse discs.

These semi flex vulcanized fiber sanding discs are ideal for removing epoxy, glue, sealants, and mastics. Load resistant construction allows these discs to cut through thick coatings that would normally clog up a diamond cup wheel for improved disc life and increased productivity.

BHA’s 4-1/2″ semi flexible abrasive discs are constructed using premium grade, high-quality silicon carbide abrasive coated on a depressed center/domed disc designed to allow some flexibility during use and ensure more airflow, less loading, and cooler running performance. This design increases airflow, prevents overloading, and keeps running temperatures down for maximum productivity.

These discs are ideal for use with angle grinders in many different applications such as grinding, deburring, finishing and scouring of concrete, masonry and stone materials. They also work great on plastic and fiberglass.

Our sanding discs and powder are widely used across industries including construction, aerospace, automotive, marine energy and energy; lab environments performing high precision analytical work, testing, experimentation or government projects for defense energy or environmental projects; they’re even easy to use as they’re compatible with most major power sanding systems – perfect for defense energy or environmental projects! They come in various sizes with coarse or fine grit options to choose from for use with either snap-on/snap-off nylon fastener hubs or Roloc(TM) threaded hub sanding systems which offer powerful threaded hub sanding systems!

4. Ease of Use

Silicon carbide abrasive material boasts many distinctive qualities that make it the ideal abrasive choice for industries relying on precision and durability, such as dentistry or manufacturing. Its hardness, rigidity, low thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity make it perfect for tasks requiring smooth surface finishes with long-term durability; in addition, its thermal conductivity makes it suitable for tasks requiring heat sources such as sanding, grinding deburring and laser and flame cutting techniques.

These sanding discs are constructed with premium silicon carbide grain bonded to a waterproof cloth backing, which makes them suitable for various surfaces including glass fabrication. Their waterproof backing helps reduce clogging for extended use; plus there are 50 to 800 grit options to find one to meet any project requirement.

Silicon carbide resin fiber discs are lightweight yet durable sanding discs made of silicone carbide resin material that are often chosen for concrete and masonry prep work, metal finishing (especially aluminum and titanium), glass, fiberglass, plastics, cultured marble etc. They’re often the preferred choice among professionals.

These open-structured cloth backing sanding discs feature non-loading aluminum oxide grain with non-loading stearate to reduce clogging, making these discs ideal for use with pressure sensitive adhesive on rotary and automatic floor machines.

Black colored silicon carbide sanding discs feature heavy Y weight cloth backings and come in an array of grits, making them suitable for sanding metal such as aluminum and titanium, wood, glass, plastic and concrete. Their quality stick on PSA backing comes equipped with release paper to protect the adhesive from contaminants for superior grip and extended wear; additionally their resin over resin bonding provides extra strength and longevity when wet or dry applications arise. Ultimately these discs can be used with various power tools including hand and power grinders

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