Dremel Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone

These small cone-shaped silicon carbide grinding stones are great for sharpening and deburring stone, glass, porcelain and non-ferrous metal surfaces like porcelain or non-ferrous metals. Tougher than aluminum oxide points with 1/8″ shanks.

Silicon Carbide is an extremely hard and durable type of abrasive material that is often adhered to other materials using vitrified or resinoid bonds.


Dremel can make your job of shaping bathroom tiles to fit, sharpening hedge shears for spring use or smoothing protruding screws a simple one, but to get optimal results you must know some essential techniques and know-how.

Grinding or sharpening without proper support can result in inconsistent, lopsided results. To prevent this, a vice (see tip 2) should be used to securely clamp your work in place and create perfectly even angles such as 45deg or 90deg.

If you’re not sure whether an object or blade is sufficiently sharp, there are safe methods of testing it. One option is placing the object or blade in a vice and cutting through paper; an appropriately sharpened edge should cut smoothly through without snagging or tearing it.

At any rate, it’s a given that accessories will gather dust, rust and scraped-off bits during use, so it is crucial to wear protective glasses, gloves and a dust mask when using them. Wearing a respirator may also help, particularly when working with ferrous metals or materials that generate sparks; an added comfort guard attachment often included with Dremel tools can also deflect sparks away from your body.


Silicon carbide is an exceptionally hard abrasive that can be utilized for various types of grinding applications. It typically bonds to another material such as ceramics or resinoids for manufacture into an end-product; most frequently it can be found bonded abrasives abrasive wheels for metals and nonferrous materials; also frequently found in grinding wheels made of composite materials; used extensively in high speed cutting applications through chemical-vapor deposition (CVD); this involves reacting and pyrolyzing polysiloxanes into silicon carbide.

Tougher than aluminum oxide bits, the Dremel silicon carbide grinding stone excels at handling hard materials like glass, ceramics and nonferrous metals. In addition to deburring applications and general purpose grinding tasks such as stilt mark removal or excess glaze removal on tiles or engraving on glass surfaces.

This accessory measures 1/2 inch (12.7 mm). To use, just insert it all the way into any standard Dremel rotary tool that features either a collet or chuck and back it out slightly before tightening down – this ensures there is enough shank for the collet or chuck to secure onto it securely.


Polishing items means smoothing away any rough areas or sharp edges to achieve a sleek, shiny surface. When polishing items you might be trying to refinish jewellery, smooth welded joints, or restore an old antique; adding Dremel’s polishing and grinding accessories will help make these tasks faster and easier than ever!

Silicon carbide bonded abrasives are more durable than aluminum oxide points and ideal for hard materials like glass, ceramics and stone. You can use it to polish rock specimens or etch your own designs into sheets of glass; plus they’re great at removing stilt marks, excess glaze on ceramics and engraving into glass surfaces – and last much longer than either emery or diamond files!

These wheels remove the need for Dremel polishing compounds or rouges such as Dialux; their embedded abrasives mean you can perform tasks more easily with minimal fuss and mess. Available in an array of grits from roughest for fast removal of oxides (Blue or Dark Blue) through medium for pre-polishing to soft Wheel Green for high lustre finishing polishes, these wheels make polishing more accessible than ever.

These pre-mounted tools make use easy: simply press them into a dedicated pin mandrel and attach to a Dremel rotary tool for instantaneous use! From removing rust from steel plates to sanding wood floors, their versatility allows for endless applications.


Turn your rotary tool into an effective rotary grinder with these silicon carbide grinding stones. They’re perfect for cutting through hard materials such as stone, glass, ceramics and nonferrous metals while deburring, sharpening and general purpose grinding – you can use them to remove stilt marks from ceramics or clear excess glaze from tiles as well as engraving glassware.

Our Dremel silicon carbide bits offer an assortment of bit shapes suitable for nearly every grinding task. For instance, our #84922 silicon carbide stone can be used for grinding and etching glass, stone, porcelain and nonferrous metals with ease – it has a 1/8″ shank designed to fit seamlessly into a Dremel collet or chuck.

Eye protection, gloves and a dust mask should always be worn when using Dremel grinding or cutting accessories to avoid sparks and dust from escaping and landing on your face, hands or eyes. Many accessories offer different speeds; to protect both yourself and your material you should adhere to the recommended minimum speed so as not to damage either the tool itself or its materials.

Comfort Guard Attachments for Dremel tools can provide excellent eye and ear protection, deflecting sparks and dust away from your work area while you work.

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