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Black Silicon Carbide

Black silicon carbide (also referred to as carborundum) is an extremely hard synthetic crystalline compound of silicon and carbon, used as an important material in sandpaper, grinding wheels and cutting tools as well as for refractory linings and electrical heating elements in industrial furnaces. Black silicon carbide is also widely utilized as an abrasive and …

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Brúsny kameň Dremel z karbidu kremíka

Silicon carbide grinding stones are more resilient than aluminum oxide points and designed to grind and etch stone, glass, ceramics, porcelain and non-ferrous metals. Cone-shaped and small in size, these silicon carbide grinding stones make ideal sharpening stones and general purpose grinding tools; typically used to remove stilt marks or excess glaze on glass surface …

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The Formula For Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide (SiC) is an important industrial material. With hardness comparable to diamond, SiC is utilized in applications including abrasives, refractories and ceramics thanks to its tough properties. SiC’s chemical formula can be found here. When dealing with chemical reactions, it is critical that we accurately convert reactant and product moles to moles for accurate …

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The Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide (SiC) is an extremely hard ceramic material widely utilized as an abrasive and for the production of high-performance power electronics components. Furthermore, SiC’s resistance to extreme temperatures makes it suitable for industrial settings. However, when SiC is used in electronic devices with other materials it may experience mechanical stress due to CTE mismatch …

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United Silicon Carbide Inc

United Silicon Carbide, Inc is a manufacturer of semiconductors specializing in silicon carbide and diode power semiconductors for customers throughout New Jersey. SiC Schottky Diodes and JFETs are providing industry-changing levels of power efficiency in key markets that foster a greener economy, such as electric vehicle charging. Their superior switching performance improves charging time and …

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Silicon Carbide Industry Trends

Silicon carbide has recently made headlines due to its promising semiconductor properties, giving rise to speculation that it can replace silicon in applications like power electronics in electric vehicles and advanced sensors for extreme conditions. SiC semiconductors can reduce energy losses and increase power conversion efficiencies, driving market growth over the forecast period. The 1-inch …

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Black Hawk Abrasives 5″ Silicon Carbide Disc

Black Hawk Abrasives’ 5-inch silicon carbide resin fiber discs are excellent tools for sanding glass, marble and stone surfaces as well as non metallic surfaces like fiberglass, plastic and rubber. Available in several grit grades from coarser grades up to finer ones for polishing purposes, they make ideal additions to any workspace. This razor-sharp grit …

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Technológia karbidu kremíka

Karbid kremíka (SiC) je mimoriadne tvrdá synteticky vyrábaná zlúčenina kremíka a uhlíka, ktorá sa používa na výrobu brúsneho papiera, brúsnych kotúčov a rezných nástrojov, ako aj na výrobu výmuroviek priemyselných pecí, žiaruvzdorného materiálu alebo vykurovacích telies. SiC sa dá premeniť na polovodič pridaním rôznych prímesí, ktoré umožňujú prechod elektrickej energie cez ...

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Fyzikálne vlastnosti materiálu karbidu kremíka

Karbid kremíka (SiC), častejšie označovaný ako karborundum, je extrémne tvrdý keramický materiál, ktorý sa bežne používa na výrobu automobilových bŕzd a spojok, ako aj nepriestrelných viest. Prírodný moissanit bol prvýkrát identifikovaný v meteorickom kráteri Canyon Diablo v Arizone v roku 1893. Syntetické verzie sa vyrábajú komerčne ako brusivo. Fyzikálne vlastnosti Karbid kremíka má silné ...

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