wear resistant and high temperature resistant sic ceramic

The high hardness, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance of sic ceramic are used in the mechanical and chemical industries to produce a new generation of mechanical seal materials, sliding bearings, corrosion-resistant pipes, valve blades and fan blades. Especially as a mechanical seal material has been internationally recognized as the fourth generation of basic materials since the metal, alumina, carbide, its acid and alkali resistance compared with other materials is extremely good, almost no material can be compared with sic ceramic. Using the high thermal conductivity of silicon carbide ceramic, it can be used for high-temperature heat exchangers in metallurgical furnaces, and the temperature can be up to 1,300 ℃; grinding rice with silicon carbide rollers can improve the quality of rice compared with other rollers, and the rice yield can be increased by 1 % to 2 %, and the cost can be reduced by 30 % to 40 %. Using electroplating method, silicon carbide powder is coated on the impeller of hydraulic turbine, which can greatly improve the wear resistance of the impeller and extend its maintenance cycle. Using mechanical pressure to press cubic silicon carbide grinding powder and W28 micronized powder into the cylinder wall of internal combustion engines can extend the service life of the cylinder block by more than one time. The use of silicon carbide and borax mixture of 45 # steel harvester blade surface boron chemical heat treatment, the boron layer can be made to reach the hardness of the micro hardness of 1 800 ~ 2 000 . Made of silicon carbide rollers, has been successfully used in steel rolling mills, it has better heat resistance and wear resistance than metal rollers, and can improve the quality of the rolled steel. Made of silicon carbide material sand pump and hydrocyclone, has very good wear resistance; made of silicon carbide material cylinder liner and other wear-resistant parts can be widely used in petroleum and chemical industry machinery; can also be used as high-temperature thermal machinery materials. Silicon carbide ceramic has good high temperature characteristics, such as high temperature oxidation, high temperature strength, creep, good thermal conductivity and low density, is preferred for high temperature parts of thermal machinery, such as: for high temperature combustion turbine combustion chamber, turbine static blade, high temperature nozzle, etc.. Made of silicon carbide piston and cylinder liner for non-lubricant non-cooling diesel engine, can reduce friction 30 % to 50 %, noise significantly reduced.

Area Usage environment Uses Main advantages
Oil Industry High temperature and high pressure wear resistant Nozzle bearing seal valve piece Abrasion-resistant heat consumption
Microelectronics Industry High power cooling Sealing material substrates High thermal conductivity, high insulation
Automotive Industry High temperature combustion High temperature piping for heat exchangers  
Chemical Industry Acid and alkali resistant high temperature oxidation Seal bearing pump parts Wear-resistant airtightness
Aerospace Industry   Engine Components Friction resistant to thermal shock
Paper industry Alkaline corrosion Equipment components Abrasion and corrosion resistant
Laser High power, high temperature Reflective Screen High rigidity, high stability
Sandblaster High temperature grinding Nozzle Wear resistant
Mining Grinding Lined pump parts Abrasion resistant
Heat Treatment High temperature gases Thermocouple sheaths, heat exchangers Heat and corrosion resistant
Atomic Energy High temperature water with boron Sealed bushings Resistant to radioactivity
Other Process Engineering Wire Drawing Abrasives Abrasion and corrosion resistant