Silicon Carbide Nozzle

Silicon carbide nozzles are indispensable components in industrial equipment production lines, and must withstand high temperatures, pressures and corrosion environments without experiencing damage.

Chemically inert and designed for use with various abrasive materials, it reduces waste and downtime while helping increase efficiency and productivity.

This long venturi design sandblasting nozzle with lightweight acetal jacket and contractor threads weighs less than 18 ounces, making it easy to handle.


Silicon carbide nozzles offer exceptional corrosion protection for use in harsh environments. Furthermore, their superior abrasion resistance means that these durable pieces typically outlive metal and tungsten models, decreasing maintenance requirements over time.

These high-temperature-tolerant nozzles are an ideal solution for furnaces, kilns and certain boilers. Their thermal conductivity helps ensure efficient heat transfer that leads to improved combustion efficiency and increased energy production.

Silicon carbide nozzles enable businesses to lower operational costs, increase productivity and protect the environment while protecting it. Produced using chemical vapor-phase synthesis to create homogenous unit structures with thick walls and funnel-shaped entrances, then machined and sintered at high temperatures, they are machined then sintered again at extremely high temperatures before machined and sintered again at even higher temperatures for good mechanical strength and resistance to acid/alkali reactions without distortion or failure – ideal for applications using chemicals like phenols/organophosphorus etc; additionally possess excellent refractory properties and have hardness ratings comparable to diamond.

High Temperature Resistant

Silicon carbide nozzles can be found in many industrial equipment production lines, from spraying, cleaning, and sandblasting equipment to spraying systems. Their resilience enables them to withstand high temperatures and pressures and corrosion environments while still offering durable protection. Plus they stand up well to acids or harsh chemicals compared with metal alloy nozzles!

Due to its low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity, SIC makes for an excellent thermal management material. Furthermore, its hard ceramic composition provides protection from abrasion erosion and impact resistance.

Silicon carbide nozzles differ from their counterparts made of tungsten carbide or titanium carbide in that they weigh significantly less, thereby decreasing compressor requirements and replacement downtime for replacement. Furthermore, their lighter construction helps improve energy efficiency and save costs in industrial settings – an invaluable feature that any industry should take advantage of to increase productivity while cutting costs and costs.


Silicon carbide nozzles are built for durability and performance at higher temperatures, offering greater resistance to wear, corrosion and replacement costs compared to metal or tungsten carbide alternatives. Furthermore, their larger surface area atomization contributes to enhanced industrial processes for greater efficiencies.

Silicon carbide is an ideal material choice for demanding applications due to its many useful properties, including resistance against pressure and sliding friction, low thermal expansion coefficient and high young modulus; use in either acidic or alkaline environments and lightweight construction that withstands mechanical stress without warping or distorting – features which make it an excellent candidate for use in abrasive waterjet cutting, where high speeds of propelling particles cut materials quickly and accurately while surface preparation, cleaning, and powder coating applications utilize it too – with nozzles controlling media distribution ensuring uniform and long-lasting finishes on surfaces.


Silicon carbide nozzles offer businesses an economical alternative to metal alloy blast nozzles, helping save them money in the long run while increasing performance and cutting energy costs. Their durable nature and corrosion-resistance make them suitable for chemical processing environments while simultaneously decreasing maintenance costs while increasing productivity.

SIC nozzles are an excellent choice for sandblasting applications as they can withstand high temperatures, pressures and corrosion environments. Constructed from sintered silicon carbide material for durability with low thermal expansion rates; lightweight to reduce compressor requirements or downtime during replacement processes.

Reaction bonded silicon carbide nozzles offer exceptional wear resistance, low corrosion risk and refractory properties for use with sandblasting burner nozzles, making them suitable for various industrial applications, including copper melting furnace lining and pot distillation furnace lining. They come in hollow or solid cone spray shapes with diameters ranging between 60-170 mm. These nozzles can also be found as hollow cone spray shapes suitable for copper melting furnace lining and pot distillation furnace lining applications.

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