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  • ceramic ball bearings

    Ceramic ball bearings are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in applications requiring a reduction of friction. These technical materials, originally developed for space technology, are now widely used in the semiconductor and medical instrumentation industries. These pumps can withstand high loads and extreme temperatures, while providing long life with low lubrication requirements. Lighter Weight Ceramic Ball […]

  • advantage of Ceramic Ball Bearings

    Ceramic ball bearings are a type of high-performance bearing that have several advantages over traditional steel ball bearings. Here are some of the advantages of ceramic ball bearings: High Speeds     they are capable of operating at much higher speeds than steel ball bearings. This is because ceramic bearings have a lower coefficient of friction, which […]

  • wear resistant and high temperature resistant sic ceramic

    The high hardness, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance of sic ceramic are used in the mechanical and chemical industries to produce a new generation of mechanical seal materials, sliding bearings, corrosion-resistant pipes, valve blades and fan blades. Especially as a mechanical seal material has been internationally recognized as the fourth generation of basic materials […]